Own an Ocean Basket

Ever considered joining us on our seafood journey? We’re an affordable seafood restaurant with an unmistakable Mediterranean spirit, where each guest is welcomed like family. Generosity is at the core of everything we do and can be felt in our abundant portions, complimentary bread and sauces, and quality, affordable meals – and that applies across 19 countries around the globe in over 215 restaurants.

Own an Ocean Basket

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Share the love for seafood

Our passion for food comes from the Mediterranean lifestyle where a meal means sitting down with family and friends and sharing laughter, stories and bountiful food. Everyone is welcome into our home where we offer a distinctive relaxed guest experience, serving expertly prepared seafood.

Ocean to pan

Our comprehensive supply chain sources sustainable, quality seafood from all over the world, allowing us to deliver well-flavoured, prepared and presented seafood to guests at competitive market prices.

Our business has been built on simplicity and efficiency with a focus on one core protein: seafood. There is no need for highly skilled chefs, no complicated dishes, the menu comprises fewer than 150 ingredients, we offer modular restaurant designs, a low crew compliment and limited need for regular deliveries – all enabling small kitchens and fuss-free, easily managed operations.