Responsible ocean citizen

We want you to love being our guest, eating our food, and supporting our company and the impact we have on the world. Our commitment to everyday value for money, responsibly sourced seafood, and a warm, welcoming environment underpins everything we do as a globally loved and respected restaurant brand.

Responsible Ocean Citizens

Being a responsible ocean citizen means committing to a shared accountability around the right to benefit from the ocean’s resources and the duty to conserve it for future generations. Sustainable seafood sourcing prevents overfishing, minimises incidental impacts to other ocean wildlife and habitats, identifies and protects essential fish habitats, and takes into account the social and economic impacts on the communities from which the seafood is sourced.

Profit, People and Planet

To achieve true sustainability we need to balance economic, social and environmental factors in equal harmony.

Ocean Basket is passionate about improving the lives of our employees and their families as well as the communities in which our restaurants operate. We are also committed to serving seafood and fish products that are located from responsible fisheries. By sourcing quality, sustainable products from credible, certified suppliers, we show that we care deeply about where our products come from and how communities and the environment are impacted.

Sustainable seafood means it has been caught in a way that means there’s plenty more fish in the sea. Choosing sustainable seafood recognises and rewards sustainable fishing practices, which in turn support livelihoods, communities, food security and healthy oceans teeming with life.

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